looking after dried flowers
juin 20, 2022

How to care for Dried and Preserved flowers? 5 simple steps to follow.

If properly looked after, these flowers are super long lasting, from months to years!

There are 5 very easy steps and tips you can follow to maximise the lifespan of your dried and preserved flowers.

For each arrangement I include a care guide card, which I strongly recommend to follow, so that you get the most of your dried flowers and they stay amazing as when you received them!

Come along and follow these 5 simple and easy steps!

 looking after dried and preserved flowers


  1. Keep in a cool, dry spot away from humidity.

This is so important, as the flowers will absorb the humidity from the air, so they are not suitable for bathrooms for example, where there is a lot of steam from the shower.

If there is a lot of moisture in the air, dried flowers can get mould and its lifespan reduces dramatically. If your flowers get mouldy, I’ll recommend to remove and replace that particular flower and move the arrangement to another spot of the house where it is drier, like the living room or bedroom.

  1. Do not water or spray your blooms

Yes, I know it sounds obvious…but these flowers don’t even need a drop of water! So, watering or spraying for cleaning is a BIG no….and it will actually reduce the longevity of the flowers as they can become mouldy, or the colour can be affected.

A good idea is to use a hair dryer at the lowest setting to remove any dust.


  1. Don’t expose them directly to air conditioning or heating vents.

Dried and preserved flowers are light in weight and fragile. Wind, air con or heating vents produce a movement in the air, like a gentle blow that for us can be unnoticeable, but if your flowers are exposed to this air movement every day…without noticing, their petals and stems can become more brittle and the shape of the flowers can be damaged over time.

  1. Avoid direct sunlight and bright light

Sun and bright beams of light affect the colour of the flowers, making it fade really quickly. Don’t place your blooms next to the window if the sunlight is direct or strong.

  1. Gently fluff and dust them

After a few months of having your dried flowers, you can gently dust them with a soft feather duster. Remember to be gentle and not apply too much pressure with your duster as the blooms are fragile. You can also remove any dust using a hair drier at the lowest setting, from a 20 cm distance.

Also, after a few months, you can gently “fluff” them of shake them very, very gently. But I’ll definitely don’t do this too often and will strongly recommend to avoid over touching and moving the blooms around excessively, remember they have a fragile and delicate nature.


So, if you follow these 5 simple steps and tips, your dried flowers will look and stay amazing for a very long time!

Convenient, water free and gorgeous, they are a great investment and you can see why: they require minimum maintenance and their lifespan is way longer than fresh flowers that will usually live for 7 days at the most.

If you still don’t have one of our beautiful arrangements, you can now explore the latest collection and choose your favourite one with confidence, now that you know how to look after it when you receive it!

 Otherwise, let me know if you have any doubts or comments! Send me an email to florals@anabellaramos.com or contact me through my social pages (links at the top right corner)

I’ll see you soon in a new blog post where I’ll continue talking all things dried flowers!

 Anabella xxx